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If you received a speeding ticket, you are in good company.  More than 100,000 speeding tickets are issued in North Carolina every year!

About half of those tickets are written for less than 16 mph over the limit and the court costs and fine can be mailed in or paid online.  Don't do it!  If you handle your ticket by mail or online, you are pleading guilty to the original charge.  In most cases this will cause your insurance costs to increase by 25%, or more, every year for the next three years.  We handle these cases for as little as $49, and we can usually prevent insurance points and the increase in insurance costs.  And you can hire us online, too!  Click the free instant quote button, answer a few simple questions, and get a free, no obligation quote, instantly, 24/7.  It only takes a few seconds.

The other half of speeding tickets are written for 16 mph or more over the limit.  These tickets cannot be paid by mail or online.  Someone must appear in court.  If handled improperly, these tickets can cost you hundreds of dollars in increased insurance costs and could lead to the suspension or revocation of your driver's license!  Depending on the speed, we can handle these cases for as low as $59.  Because getting the best deal often requires the right combination of prosecutor and Judge, we may go to court multiple times.  All for one flat rate.  And, in most cases, you won't have to go to court and face a prosecutor or Judge.  We will handle all court appearances for you.

Why take chances with your driver's license?  Click the free quote button now to find out exactly what we would charge to handle your case.  There is absolutely no obligation, and it only takes a few seconds.

If you are not ready to hire us, take a few minutes to read our frequently asked questions.  They will help you to understand how best to handle your case, whether you are hiring an attorney, or want to handle your own speeding ticket.
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